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Products Categories
» Diagnostic Instruments
» Anesthesia Instruments
» Scalpel Handles
» Knives
» Tongue Depressor
» Scissors
» Forceps
» Dressing Forceps
» Micro Forceps
» Tissue Forceps
» Tissue and Grassping Forceps
» Tissue Grasping and WatchMakers Forceps
» Fine and Splinter Forceps
» Splinter Forceps
» Cilia and Cover Glass Forceps
» Bulldog Hemostatic Forceps
» Hemostatic Forceps
» Hemostatic Dissecting and Ligature Force
» Bronchus and Hemostatic Forceps
» Dissecting And Ligature Forceps
» Dissecting, Gall Duct Clamps & Hemostati
» Parametrium and Hysterectomy Forceps
» Clamp and Artery Forceps
» Hysterectomy Clamps and Vaginal Forceps
» Peritoneal Clamp Forceps
» Peritoneal Clamp and Hysterectomy Forcep
» Towel Forceps
» Tubing Forceps
» Cotton Swab,polypus and Dressing Forcep
» Polypus and Dressing Forceps
» Cotton Swab and Sponge Holding Forceps
» Laryngoscopes Conventional
» Laryngoscopes Fiber Optic
» Excavators, Elevators, Raspatories, Curettes, Ear Syringe & Nasal Speculum
» Nasal Polypus & Septum Compression Forceps
» Rhinoplastic Instruments & Adenoid Curettes
» Catheters and Mouth Gags
» Tongue Depressors, Cheek & Lip Retractors, Tonsil Dissectors & Elevators
» Tonsil Snares, Tonsillectomes, Trocars, Punches, Tubes & Retrators
» Trocars,Suction Tubes,Laryngal Mirrors & Handles
» Needle Holders
» Towel Clamps,Sponge & Dressing Forceps
» Atraumatic Vascular Clamps
» Micro Needle Holders
» Rib Shears
» Rib Spreaders
» Retractors, Abdominal Retractors, Hooks
» Probes, Kidney Stones & Haemorrhoidal Forceps, Endospecula, Vaginal Specula
» Vaginal Specula
» Uterine Probes, Biopsy Curettes and Myoma Instruments
» Biopsy and Speciman Forceps
» Uterine Curettes, Instrument for Mini Laprotomy and for Removal of I.U.D
» Punches and Rongeurs
» Plaster and Bandage Shears and Spreaders, Amputation Saws
» Bone Cutting Forceps & Rongeurs, Bone Rongeurs
» Bone Rongeurs
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Surgical Instruments » Forceps
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26 . 12 . 2012  
Special About BMA International
BMA Internationalhave the capacity of manufacturing 1 million instruments per months
Quality Assured Product in which applying appropriate Statistical Quality Tools.
Material Testing with Metal Analyzer. Before, During & After Production Process.
Provide PLI (Product Liability Insurance) to our valued Customers on demand.
CE Technical Files of all instruments are Available
Competitive Price as per customer’s need.
Product Catalog will available on request.
Fully co-ordinate in case of customer’s complaint or suggestions.
Strong Internal & External Communication.
Company Process Flow
Team & Major Responsibilities
Checking Criteria & Use of ...
Child Labour Prohibited
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